liquid space 02: nutshell

authors: Marc Wathieu LAb[au]


"What I wanted to create was a sequencer working like a tempo-galaxy: the user navigates or jumps through the orbits, composing music with sounding planets. Each orbit has his own sound-scape where the number of planets is equivalent to divisions of measure. Stephen Hawking's book "The Universe in a Nutshell" inspired me, cutting edge of theoretical physics, hard but exciting."

Music's traditional notation-system of a rhythmic and tonal structure [ horizontally and vertically ] transposed to the three-dimensionality of space results in 'Nutshell' into an analyses of musical measure in shape of a circular organization / spatialization of the paces 1/1 _ ¼ _ 1/ 8 _ 1/16.

Where the numeric transcription of rhythmic measurement found its interpretation in the project through a corresponding spatial organization, each of these measures is constituted by moving / rotating sounds.Following circular motion, the temporal sonic structure consequently constitutes the spatial one, dynamically changing both rhythmically as sonically in form of orbiting sounds. Here space and time are structurally linked by the notion of speed, inherent to the specific sonic behavior.

Four orbits are constituted by a radius corresponding to the metric measure of the paces: Where two sounds, each on a different orbit, are supposed to have a different time-measure to constitute a full cycle, distance and speed will be the main parameters to establish the according pace.

Further on, where the tonal experience of the user will be both depending of its position in space [ orbit 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 coordinate on the orbit ] and the rotation of the sounds [ its speed depending of the corresponding temporal and spatial measure on the orbit ], establishing a sPACE navigable music composition.

According to the thematic focus 'numbers', the numeric reference of the project defines the metric and rhythmic measure as an inherence to the notion of speed _ m/s on the level of both the metric [ m ] as the temporal [ s = t ] structure as well as on a technological level where the transfer of data can be defined likewise.

Where the project's title is referring to the elementary 'shape of sounds' _ sonically emitting with same values in all directions, 'Nutshell's' visualization is underlined by an emission of circular shapes = trails, constituting a time-based mapping.

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