liquid space 05, building space
23.01 - 03.02.2007

LAb[au] & 10 invited artists
ClubTransmediale 2007

about liquid space

The topic of the liquid space 05 collaborative design workshop is to create spatial audiovisual music, or in short: how to produce an artwork where music and visuals merge, through to the concept of 'space'. Here movie making techniques, music composition and architectural structural practices merge. Interdependency of sounds and visuals opens a new range of experiments, considering the digital nature of the work which permits both real-time and interactive manipulation, inscribing itself in a new artistic register of designing processes and systems, rather than 'closed' results. Liquid Space thus stands for the setting of interactive sonic and visual processes as a transdiciplinary approach, but also as an explorative work in merging codes and signs of different media. In this sense, the workshop focuses on the production of interactive 3Dreal time spatial and visual music projects, which take in account different 'performative' settings, such as live concerts, user interaction, interfacing and exhibition installation.

Liquid Space 05 at the Club Transmediale _ CTM.07 will include a 12-day session, combined with public events such as artists-showcases, 'plug&play' events and live performances , where the creations of the participating artists of the design session.


artist files:

Marius Watz [ no ] _ mwlqs01
Patric Cremer aka Candie Hank [ de ]
Thorsten Fleisch (fleischfilm) [ de ] _ ff2
Frank Bretschneider (raster-noton) [ de ] _ created file: unfinished
Holger Lippmann [ de ] _ created files: ambient-space and groundtracker
Xavier Gazon aka Etscherberry [ b ]
Timm Ringewaldt [ de ]
Sara Kolster [ nl ]

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