liquid space 02 _ FFTV
authors: Michiel Helbig and LAb[au]


One of the known algorithms to analyse and describe sonic structures in real time is the Fast Fourrier Transform, known as FFT. The 'Fourier fast transform' functions in essence, decomposes or separates a waveform or function into sinusoids of different frequencies. This translation of sound into numbers allows to visualise music and to display its structures and values dynamically, from tone-colour images to rhythmic space.

The "Testbild" known from analogue image processing technologies, television, is testing visually emitted frequencies in form of colour spectrum and moiré patterns, it is a tone-colour representation testing its frequency ranges.
The FFTv project is based on the idea to build up a spatial tone colour environment out of frequency, thus assigning sound input to object behaviours such as positions, orientation and/or its colours and size. But rather than using external sounds the project uses pure frequency tones, such as the 440 Hertz sine tone of the "Testbild".

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