Nuit Blanche Brussels 2009 - LAb[au]

binary waves , cybernetic urban installation
at: Parc Royal, Brussels
03.10 - 04.10.2009

in the context of:
Nuit Blanche Brussels

The Nuit Blanche concept

Nuit Blanche (which means "sleepless night" or "white night" in French), is a cultural event that is both artistic and popular. This eighth edition of the event aims at (re)discovering or (re)conquering this urban environment from a new perspective. It is a night to get together, to share unusual and creative aspects of the contemporary creative scene in a warm and festive atmosphere that encourages discovery and wonder. Nuit Blanche is aimed at opening up the city to the world of the night, by encouraging access to numerous places for a wide audience. This approach really is open to the city, to its inhabitants and to creativity.

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