La Noche en Blanco - LAb[au]

La Noche en Blanco

Patio central del Área de Gobierno de las Artes
Antiguo Círculo Gran Vía, 24
Madrid, Spain


featuring: point, line, surface computed in seconds, audiovisual installation

Drawing with your fingers over a touch screen yields figures, but is also able to translate those movements into sound: that would be a novel experience for anyone. The interactive design created by the Belgian collective LAb(au) turns our drawings into sound movements, designing a unique audiovisual atmospheres created by the spectators themselves.
The installation is based on simple interactions with the users, who move their fingers across the touch screen in order to construct a complete environment with image and sound. Unlike drawing on paper, a dot or line also translates into sound. The very drawing becomes a process that includes time parameters that translate into movement. Based on these principles, a sound and visual composition is gradually forged from the drawings that users make. The result is not just visual objects moving around the projections on the ground but also sounds moving around the space thanks to the quadraphonic sound system.

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