point, line, surface computed in seconds

point, line surface computed in Seconds _ interactive installation

The user creates out of simple interactions a sound and image environment. Interaction is similar to drawing on a plane. A sonic / visual composition is gradually build out of the drawing movements of the user resulting not only in visual objects moving on the screen and the projection but also to sounds moving in space thanks to the 4 speakers setup. Each created soundscape can be recorded and called back at any moment.

The recording takes in account the parameter of time [third axis=z] in the creation of a 3d display of the composition. Each of these times based towers are placed on a common grid according to two parameters: the % of density and the % of motion. These two parameters qualify in different manners the audience interaction. The common grid slowly creates a geometric pattern of space-time indexed objects_ the sound towers.

The installation directly refers to Mondriaans works like the 'Boogie Woogie' based on the interrelation in between the rhythmic structure of music and the dynamic composition of visual elements structured in space. The installation prolongs these synaesthetic researches of Mondriaan to an interactive and digital vocabulary inside the urban and electronic space.

The user, immersed in this space, launches geometrical topologies linked with sonic and spatial ones. In this way, the user creates more than a soundscape but a sonic and visual architecture.

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