Nuit Blanche 2013 - LAb[au]

generative illumination of Brussels' Palace of Justice
by LAb[au]

in the context of:
11th edition of
Nuit Blanche, Brussels

29.11.2013 - 05.01.2014
Le plaisir d'hiver, Brussels

(k)nit brussels
Electronics custom developed by:
Culture Crew

With the logistical support of:

With the financial support of:
Nuit Blanche
Plaisirs d'hivers / Winterpret

about the project:
(k)Nit is a generative light artwork constituted of white electroluminescent wire knitting a three-dimensional mesh doubling Brussels' Palace of Justice's front façade.


The artwork suggests the acts of drawing and weaving; drawing as where two points are connected to constitute a line and weaving as where the lines are superposed to constitute a pattern. In (k)Nit, the points are chosen because of their position within the façade's architectural matrix. Consequently, the constituted mesh underlines the architectural 'tracé', its geometrical order defining the building's composition and proportions.

Different pattern are constituted, resulting in different 'tableaux'. All tableaux are based on the same design principles. Firstly, each tableau is a variation on the theme of drawing and weaving a volume of light. Secondly, rather than a two-dimensional surface a three-dimensional space is created: lines connect points with as much a horizontal, vertical as a perpendicular displacement. And thirdly; each tableau dialogues with the architecture not only due to its spatial configuration
but also due to its correlative and choreographed illumination, culminating into a four-dimensional construct where space meets time.

In between notation and denotation, (k)Nit questions the influence of technology on space-time constructs. As such it is a typical LAb[au] artwork; where architecture meets light and motion.

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