Nuit Blanche Brussels 2002 - LAb[au]

space navigable music
audio-visual performance

halles de Schaerbeek

No-Party _ chill out lounge of electronic IDM minimalist music with 5 live sets in a 360° visual and quadrophonic sonic environment.

performance: LAb[au]
in collaboration with: Erzatz, A.L..B...A....N..O, DJ Darko

realised in collaboration with: Periactes

performance in the context of:
Nuit Blanche Brussels 2002

about the setting:
The device spa[z]e 360° is the result of the collaboration between LAb[au] and Periactes which propose an immersion in electronic space. A sonic quadraphonic specialization system and 8 projection screens disposed in an oval of 18 x 12m proposing a panoramic (360°) perception rendered in real time, immerging the public in the 3D visual and sonic environment. In the center of the disposal the musician's place, edit and mix live images and sound in and through the navigation in the The public follows the navigation of the musicians and share the rendered music as the sensation of movement and speed in the non gravity of the space navigable music project.

In this manner spa[z]e 360° - W.O.A.W propose a spatial immersion in the than in the one of projection and sounds.

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