liquid space 02: track

authors: Ludovic Pre LAb[au]

In ‘track’ user’s interaction/ navigation is achieved through voice recognition. Each time the user pronounces one of the words: left – right / up – down / forward – backward / roll – pan / accelerate – stop - the navigation path changes its direction, its speed…as it influences the shape of the frequency lines, the spatial wire. Further each voice instruction, action, is typed along the navigation path sampling its sonic pattern. This line in time combines visual, sonic and spatial data to build out of the specific data a track of sequenced sonic and spatial elements. At the end of the 6000 frame long track a fast-rewind of 500 frames replays the recorded clip.

’Track’ is an interactive experience of the spatial-temporal construct, a spatial composition in real-time, created out of the user’s interaction, voice instructions.

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