Les Presses du réel

Les Presses du réel is an independent French editor and diffuser which has been founded in 1992 by Xavier Douroux and Franck Gautherot and which is located in Dijon. Equally dedicated to the avant-garde ( from socio-political utopias of the 19th century to radical artistic movements of 20th cantury historic modernity), as to the most contemporary in art and culture. Les presses de reel has published books about:

Vito Acconci, J.-C. Ammann, Lynda Benglis, Joseph Beuys, Nicolas Bourriaud, Horst Bredekamp, J.-P. Brisset, Marcel Broodthaers, Maurizio Cattelan, T. J. Clark, Marcel Duchamp, S. M. Eisenstein, Morton Feldman, Robert Filliou, Charles Fourier, Yona Friedman, Liam Gillick, Dan Graham, Wade Guyton, Richard Huelsenbeck, Pierre Huyghe, On Kawara, Mike Kelley, Yayoi Kusama, Brandon LaBelle, Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, J.-C. Lebensztejn, George Maciunas, Christian Marclay, Pierre Molinier, Olivier Mosset, Otto Muehl, H. U. Obrist, Steven Parrino, P.-J. Proudhon, Gerhard Richter, Sophie Ristelhueber, Raymond Roussel, W. G. Sebald, Paul Sharits, Meg Stuart, Alan Vega, Xavier Veilhan, Kelley Walker, Rémy Zaugg, Heimo Zobernig, besides many others...

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