From kinetic to digital art - LAb[au]

From kinetic to digital art
Exhibition: Fondation Vasarely
Aix-en-Provenance, France

The exhibition is taking place in the context of:
festival seconde nature #4
02.06.2010 > 12.06. 2010

The exhibition is organised by Seconde Nature and has been curated in collaboration with LAb[au]

For the exhibition a monography of LAb[au] is released by: 'les presses du reel'
Title: MetaDeSign
Page: 224 color pages
Size: 29x29cm
Price: 38Euro

Exhibition including works by French pioneers of kinetic, op, generative and cybernetic art:
Vera Molnar, Nicolas Schöffer, Victor Vasarely

LAb[au], Carsten Nicolai, Marius Watz, Zimoun , Artificiel ,Carsten Nicolai, Ryoji Ikeda


LAb[au] presents:
framework f5x5x5, kinetic light art installation
framework notations, computer generated prints
SwarmDots, generative art console
pixflow #2, generative art console
particle synthesis, audiovisual space
chrono.prints, computer generated prints

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