seconde nature 2007 - LAb[au]

F.lux exhibition
In the context of the seconde nature festival #1
19.09 - 31.10.2007

Fondation Vasarely
Aix en province, France

Exhibited projects:
12m4s, interactive installation
EOD02, new media installation
( Frederik de Wilde + LAb[au] )

man in e.space_extended, audiovisual dance performance
Touch, interactive urban installation

Photos: Clémentine Crochet and Laurent Pirard

About the exhibition
The exhibition 'F.Lux' presents recent works of the Brussels agency LAb[au], laboratory for architecture and urbanism. Following the concept of MetaDesign this laboratory develops a digital architecture researching the influence of advanced technologies on the conception and perception of space and the manner we represent these new territories and relations.From interactive to sound and light installations this exhibition groups different works of LAb[au] under a new and thematic view angle; the one of information flows provided even from passengers, users and living fishes. The presented works all follows these information flows to generate sound, light and space; F.Lux.

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