Circle of Light
conference and round table

Conference Hall
Bersenevskaya Embankment,6
Moscow, Russia

round table - Saturday 11.10, 11h30 > 12h40
conference - Sunday 12.10, 12h50 > 13h30

in the context of:
lightfest ...>
digital october ...>

following an invitation of:
Filip Visnjic

other speakers:
Joreg, Markus Heckmann, Els I.R.L. Vermang - LAb[au], Chris Bird

Circle of Light Educational Program
The aim of the program is to expose the latest wave of accomplishments and trends noticeable on the multimedia/technology/light design scene. By bringing together artists, creative professionals, light designers, online content creators, journalists, innovators and innovators from both abroad and the region, the program continues to nurture the platform for networking, information and mutual support that represents the continued international cooperation with far-reaching plans both for the internal development of the media technology industry and for the image of the region.

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