CreativeApplications.Net was launched in October 2008 by Filip Visnjic, architect, lecturer, new media technologist and most recently a blogger. Ever since his first Apple Mac in 1994 he discovered passion for software. Realising that the same task can be achieved in many different ways, which application is used decides the outcome, whether this be productive or aesthetic.

Throughout his architectural education he continued to experiment with various applications believing that every task has a tool, a perfect tool to realise the concept, a very subjective process but only achievable through experimentation. Using way more applications than any of his colleagues, his work become a collage of styles and mediums, from line drawing to video. CAN is a result of this interest, where media, content and creativity collide.

Aim of CreativeApplications.Net is to bring together applications that challenge the ways how we share and engage with information. By scouting the web, CAN brings you best in creative app development and thinking. CreativeApplications.Net is platform independent. We look at OSX, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Web Apps, Flash, Physical Interfaces, Max MSP development, Processing and many others.

Filip Visnjic - Founder / Editor / Writer

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