In situ / de visu / in motu.
Architecture, cinéma et arts technologiques
23.09 - 24.09.2011

Conference organised by :
the architecture school of Canada
in collaboration with the university of Montreal

organisation committee:
Irena Latek, Sophie Paviol, Clotilde Simond, Françoise Very, Alessandra Ponte, Stephan Kowal

invited speakers:
Manuel Abendroth / LAb[au] , Eric Sadin, Sophie Paviol, Stephan Kowal besides others

conference LAb[au] about:
Light, color, sound - the art of systems
23.09.2011 start:18h00
Universite de Montreal
Pavillon de la faculte de l'amenagement, Montreal

> conference LAb[au] about:
the design of sytems system art

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