in situ, de visu, in motu - LAb[au]

in situ - de visu - in motu
Architecture, cinéma et arts technologiques
conference publication

book: 272 pages
ISBN: 9782884744614
book published by: Les Editions Infolio

featured article by LAb[au]:
reviewed article about MetaDeSign and project description of:
chrono.tower, wheather.tower, touch, binary waves, man in e.space_extended

with articles by:
Catherine Gfeller, Christophe Girot et Nadine Schütz, Stephan Kowal, Brian McGrath,
Janine Marchessault, Alessandra Ponte, Luc Vancheri

about the book:
The book gives voice to architects, artists and art critics which have explored the crossing between cinema, technology based art and architecture.

book released in the context of the international conference:
in situ - de visu - in motu
23.09 - 24.09.2011 organized by:
the architecture school of Canada
in collaboration with the university of Montreal
organised by: Irena Latek

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