group exhibition with Mika Vainio, David Letellier, Jon Egeskov and LAb[au]

TAG institute
Stille Veerkade 19, Den Haag, the Netherlands

opening: 17.12.2010
19:00 performance Tessel by David Letellier
20:30 performance 2x540 kHz by Mika Vainio
21:30 performance The drive by Jon Egeskov

exhibition: 17.12.2010 - 16.01.2011
curated by LAb[au] / Mediaruimte

particle synthesis, audiovisual installation by LAb[au]
2x540kHz by Mika Vainio and LAb[au]
Tessel, kinetic sound art installation byDavid Lettelier aka Kangding Ray and LAb{au]
The Drive by Jon Egeskov

in the context of todaysart festival

Made possible with the kind support of Stichting Mondriaan & Gemeente Den Haag OCW
Many thanks to MediaRuimte, TodaysArt Festival, Janet Leyton-Grant, all the artists, participants and people who have made the reopening and this exhibition at TAG possible.

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