todaysart 2007 - LAb[au]

todaysart festival
2007 21.09 - 22.09.2007
Den Haag, the Netherlands

man in e.space_extended, audio-visual dance performance
at the city town hall

Man in e.Space This performance is a collaboration of the French dance group Res Publica and the Belgian designers Lab[au] and builds on the experimental German cinema and dance of the twenties, examining the notion of bodyspace in relation to machines and the resulting aesthetics. From Etienne Jules Marey's cinematic experiences to Oskar Fischinger's audiovisual works or to the choreographic work of Oskar Schlemmer, all proposed an analytic and artistic view on the body by building an abstract and symbolic representation. The performance 'Man in e.Space' is based on the complete reduction of space and body. This is achieved in a darkened room where images are projected on four carefully positioned screens and dancers are reduced to glowing lines with the use of a light emitting tubes attached to black costumes.

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