liquid space02
designing by numbers spatial audiovisuals

Brussels Belgium
Workshop at MediaRuimte: 17.05. - 31.05.2004
Exhibition at MAP, Matrix Art Project: 08.07-29.7.2004

organized by LAb[au] with the support of VAF_ Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds

lqs02 workshop - participating artists:

Jerry Galle & Kathleen de Bodt / fuzzylogic: project 'NAN'
Xavier Gazon / etschaberry: project 'drumuter'
Michiel Helbig / zufunkt: project 'ffTV'
Haeyoung Kim / Bubblyfish: project 'particle lake'
Marc Wathieu: project 'nutshell'
Ludovic Pre: project 'track'
Chris Burke / Glomag: project 'numbers rmx'
Arno Riedinger, pitch visualive,, Thomas Olbrechts,
Marc Resibois / nostromo, Dirk Standaert, Yannick Jacquet / legoman

lqs02 theory - invited speakers:
Stanza, Lev Manovich, Marcos Novak, Dirk Huylebrouck

lqs02 events - extra live concerts:
Zufunkt, Erzatz, Halofaust, Deacoy, Nostromo
Dj set: Curtis Newton

lqs02 poster see image lqs02_poster
lqs02 flyer see image lqs02_flyer
by:Toral Martin Michel

Special thx:
Bili Bidjoka, Matrix Art Project
Peter Maschke, scenography

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