Touch - interactive urban installation

Commissioner: Dexia
artists: LAb[au]

Copyright images: Artists: LAb[au] - Architects: Philippe Samyn & Partners, M & J.M. Jaspers - J. Eyers & Partners - Lightning engineer: Barbara Hediger

The project takes as a starting point Brussels' 145 m high Dexia Tower, from which 4200 windows can be individually colour-enlightened turning the building into an architecture of light.

The enlightening of the tower is based on its architectural and urban characteristics, using parameters such as its orientation, volume, scale, propositions... to set up a spatial, temporal and luminous concept, which moreover allows people to directly interact with the tower.

From a specific designed pavilion at the bottom of the tower people can interact through a multi touch screen in real-time, either individually or collectively, with the luminous construct. Both static (touch) and dynamic input (gesture) are recognized to generate an elementary graphical language of points, lines and surfaces taking a monochromatic colour palette (background) combined with black and white (graphical elements). This real-time interaction establishes a dynamic, abstract play of graphical elements deduced and emitted from the architecture.

Once a composition is created, the user can take a snapshot of the tower and sent it as an electronic greeting card. This communication chain creates an exchange between the individual and public building/spaces while actively involving each user in the formation of Brussels city image. A project exploiting IC technologies, its processes and logics, to create a contemporary form of urbanity.

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