spectr|a|um offers a night with audio-luminous performances and luminous/ visualart on the 145 m high Dexia Tower, from which 4200 windows will be enlightened by internationally renowned musicians and artists, taking place on Place Rogier's urban lounge and Dexia Tower.

The title of the event reveals the main concepts of the created artworks to relate the spectrum of light to the spectrum of sound while relating it to an architectural and urban context, raum -German word for space. In this sense the frequencies of sound are related to the frequencies of light to describe the space.

The event is created by LAb[au] with the aid of Dexia Bank and the city of Brussels. The event is curated by LAb[au] which invited visual artists and musicians to create the evening.


- Limiteazero / Holger Lippmann / Olaf Bender artworks: 20h0 - 21h0, 21h45 - 22h45, 0h0 - 1h0
- Frank Bretschneider _ audiovisual performance: 21h00 - 21h45
- Balanescu Quartet _ audiovisual performance: 22h45 - 0h00

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