Signal to Noise
kinetic sound installation
system: generative

author: LAb[au] _ 2012


Signal To Noise is an installation immersing the spectator in patterns of sonic motion, based on generative principles executed by 512 mechanical split-flaps. The expression 'signal-to-noise' is a measure used to quantify how much a signal has been lost to noise; it's a ratio of useful to un-useful information in a data exchange. The works consists of a circular structure, containing 4 horizontal rows of 128 split-flaps at eye height. The external surface exposes the stripped back technology of the split-flaps and driver boards, while the internal surfaces reveal the characters of the split-flaps. The circular installation invites the visitor to plunge into a kinetic composition in the midst of the eternal calculation process of an auto-poetic machine. The split-flaps are constantly spinning on a variable speed/rhythm which is dependent upon on the underlying algorithm, analyzing in the maze of information the appearance of a word-equal-meaning.

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