liquid space book _ lqs book
including: liquid-space01 and liquid-space02

book design: LAb[au]

dvd design: LAb[au] and Gert van Berckelaer

In the context of the liquid-space01 and liquid-space02 cycle dealing with the collaborative design of spatial audiovisuals, LAb[au] conceived a hypertextual catalogue transcribing these interactive 360° multiscreen and quadraphonic real-time constructs into a 2D lay-out. The book-dvd is a visual, theoretic and sonic collection of spatial audiovisuals created by LAb[au] in collaboration with over 30 artists from all over the world.

Imagineering on the level of colors, degrees, keywords and time indexes an unfoldable modular 360° card book which contains in its center a dvd. The publication gives the overview of the likely named series of workshops, installations, lectures, performances and exhibitions using as starting point LAb[au]'s space navigable music platform.

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