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Brussles-based artistic collective LAb[au] are committed to the evolution of Bauhaus, extracting new meanings from architecture and audience interaction through technology.

LAb[au] is an architecture and design studio based in Brussels, Belgium, whose exemplary work fuses art, technology, and science. Members Manuel Abendroth, Jerome Decock, and Els Vermang work to integrate technological advances into their artistic practice, with a multidisciplinary approach they refer to as "MetaDeSIGN." They just finished installing Signal to Noise at the Toronto National Airport, which is an installation that immerses the spectator in patterns of sonic motion, based on generative principles executed by 512 mechanical split-flaps. The expression 'signal-to-noise' is a ratio of useful to useless information in a data exchange, and the work consists of a circular structure that contains four horizontal rows of 128 split-flaps at eye level. Visitors are invited to plunge into the kinetic composition, surrounding themselves with the eternal calculation process of an auto-poetic machine.

SignalToNoise (2012)
Next, they're set to unveil m0za1que_15x26 this fall at the Maison Mécatronique in Annecy, France. Here's what

they have to say about it in their own words: This seemingly flat-tiled wall in the entrance hall of the building plays with surface properties, light and shadows, and bi-state positions. White, diffusing ceramic tiles pop out by just a few centimeters while the attached linear motor is launched and energized. As the flat surface is embossed by actuated tiles, the uniform and even white light is interrupted, projecting colored shadows, outlining the patterns formed by the binary state logic of the generative algorithm. See pictures of the new installation below, and learn more about Signal to Noise and their other architectural works in our behind-the-scenes documentary above.

If you're in Paris attending TheCreatorsProject: Paris 2012, Manuel Abendroth and Els Vermang will be speaking on the Artist As Researcher panel on June 23th, where they will discuss the role of science within art and its evolution in the modern age.

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