Light, Colour and Sound - LAb[au]

Light, Colour and Sound ( Luz , Color, Sonido)
sensorial effects and contemporary architecture

Architecture book by Parramon Ediciones
Format: 23 x 29 cm
Binding: Hardback, Paperback
Design and conception: Latinta

Touch, interactive urban installation
weather.tower, permanent illumination Brussel's Dexia Tower
spectr[a]um, audioluminous event for Brussel's Dexia Tower

and an article by LAb[au]: Light, colour, sound - the art of systems
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about the book:

Light, color and sound are the three elements in architecture today capable of generating the greatest sensorial impact. Advanced technologies have made possiblenew ways of integrating color as well as lighting and acoustical systems into buildings,transforming them into veritable mechanisms of interaction with their context andthe public. This volume concentrates on these elements and explores the conceptual, aesthetic and technical implications of their application in architecture and of theirintegration into the very structures of buildings themselves.

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