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Consistently in the vanguard of cultural thought and design, Architectural Design has time and time again proved provocative and topical -- inspiring theoretical, creative, and technological advances. Prominent in the 1980s for the part it played in Post-Modernism and then in Deconstructionism, AD has recently taken a pioneering role in the technological revolution of the past 20 years.

"Architectural Design has been at the forefront of critical architecture since the 1960s and it continues to challenge accepted thinking on the subject -- an alternative, not an echo." (Charles Jencks)

Published bi-monthly by Wiley-Academy, AD combines the currency and topicality of a newsstand journal with the editorial rigour and design qualities of a book.
It continues to pursue ground-breaking issues, such as the application of digital processes and techniques in architecture, and tackles themes which are central to our cultural experiences of architecture and design.

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