interactive architecture _ spectr[a]um - LAb[au]


article by Ruairi Glynn

There seems to be so many events going on at the moment. Here's one in Brussels that looks like its going to great if your interested in audiovisual art and architecture. 'spectr|a|um' by LAb[au] will be an evening of performances on the 145 m high Dexia Tower, from which 4200 windows will be enlightened by internationally renowned musicians and artists.

Below you'll find the lineup and here's the location:
spectr|a|um, audio-luminous event for Brussels Dexia Tower

Limiteazero / Holger Lippmann / Olaf Bender _ artworks: 20h0 - 21h0, 21h45 - 22h45, 0h0 - 1h0
Frank Bretschneider + LAb[au] _ audiovisual performance: 21h00 - 21h45
Balanescu Quartet + LAb[au] _ audiovisual performance: 22h45 - 0h00

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