Prisme editions 2005

ISBN: 2-9600103-9-6
Cover : 3D - Lenticulair
Illustrations : colour
Dimensions : 137mm/120mm
Pages : 144
Price : 20 €
Edition : Frensh

LAb[au]: polygone den[c]ity

About the book:

After 'change Brussels Capital of Europe' we received a lot of enthusiastic reactions. Many of us think that we must overstep timid standpoints in front of Brussels's evolution. ... and we don't know exactly, as suggests Marin Kasimir, if Brussels must be metamorphosed or "anamorphosed". But we would love, together with Jean Blavier, that it would be the melting pot, the foretaste of this new Europe that emerges from the fog of another world, open to all languages and cultures.

Civil servants, artists, journalists evoke here their dreams, with those of architects and citizens concerned by the wish to live in a city sensitive to its future and involved in its evolution. "re-change" was born within a few weeks.

Authors : Schuiten - Peeters, Bernard Yslaire, Marin Kasimir, Chantal Dassonville, Jean Blavier, Monique Hélène, Baires Raffaelli Elio Ravà Ulrich Rüefli, Roxane Enescu, Marie-Martine Israel, Robert Kot, Marc Van Schuylenbergh, Stéphanie Meyer, Eric Russon, Tentwelve, Francis Metzger Luc Deleuze, Tim Van der Stock, Coast, LAb[au], Véronique Boissacq, Raymond Delvax, Géraldine Claisse, Adam, Claudia, Hino, Vinny, Sanya, David.

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