A-plus is Belgium's leading review in the fields of architecture, town planning, design and art. Our emphasis is on architecture as a professional practice. We aim to provide a showcase for Belgian architecture, as well as following developments in other neighbouring countries.

A-plus is published by the Information Centre for Architecture, Town Planning and Design (CIAUD-ICASD). All architects, architectural engineers and trainee architects who are members of the national Order ofArchitects receive a copy of the review, as do many government departments, interior designers, schools, libraries and companies, in addition to our individual subscribers. The review is also on sale in bookshops and through news stands.

A appears six times a year, in mid-February, mid-April, mid-June, mid-September, late October, and mid-December. :

A-plus has a print run of 14 010 copies, and appears in two separate editions: the French edition accounts for 47 % of the print run, and the Dutch edition for 53 % (CIM 2001). Since December 2001, each number includes an annex containing full English translations of the texts which form the central dossier.

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