Arca Edizioni

l'Arca Edizioni was set up in Milan in 1986. Its initial core-business was the publishing of l'ARCA, an international magazine of architecture, design and visual communication. As l'ARCA gradually gained in popularity down the years and broke onto new market niches, it ended up being distributed in over forty different countries. The magazine is backed up by l'ARCAPLUS, a quarterly magazine of monographs on architecture, plus a number of other magazines and a collection of books on architecture.

L'Arca Edizioni has completed its operations by setting up a portal of architecture and technology, supplementing and expanding the services it offers both its target group of "architectural designers" and all those firms providing goods and services for the building industry.

Comes out: monthly, 11 issues-a-year
Print run: 42,600 copies
Circulation: 41,600 copies
Distribution: 28,970 copies in Italy - 13,630 copies abroad
Publication date: first week of the month

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