the art of words - LAb[au]

the art of words
- words don't come easy -

3 days of inspirational talks about the art of words, the relation between visual art and words

Almaty, Kazaghstan
07.09 - 11.09.2014

LAb[au] invited to hold three days workshop - inspirational talks - about:
the art of words

in the context of:
art of you

organised by:

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the art of words

day 01: The Medium is The Message
art and communication

part1: the art of disPLAYs - the word in motion
the art of alphanumeric displays
the art of selfmade displays

part2: language without words
the art of morse code, barcodes, Signal lamps...
the enigma machines and the computer

part3: the emergence of new languages
the art of ascii, lol speak, emoticons...


the art of words

day 02: As we may think
lexis versus syntax

part1: the art of hypertext
the art of keywords and associative thinking
the art of web crawler, google art, and cybermaps

part2:the word as concept
conceptual art, the art of semantics, indexing, documenting, archiving
the art of anagrams, palindromes, mirrored words...

part3: from sense to non-sense and other senses
soundpoetry and dada
automatic writing and concrete poetry


the art of words

day 03: content versus contextk
learning from Las Vegas

part 1: words in space
words in public space

part 2: the word in agit prop and political engaged art

part 3: visual communication
the art of typography at the Bauhaus
communication Design at Ulmer Schule

part 4: art as media
the 10 principles of Dieter Rams
three thoughts about art as a media

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