from motion to e.motion - LAb[au]

from motion to e.motion
5 days of inspirational talks about the art of motion

Almaty, Kazaghstan
16.03 - 20.03.2014

LAb[au] invited to hold a five days workshop - inspirational talks - about:
the art of motion

in the context of:
art of you

organised by:


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Day 1: LAb[au], systems art / Concrete Art

Part1: Introduction in into the history of systems art and concrete art
From Bauhaus industrial design to synaesthesia, the systematic approach of the art of perception
From abstract to concrete art, Theo van Doesbourg and Max Bill
From industrial design to visual communication, the Ulmer Schule
From process to systems design, cybernetic art and early algorithmic art

Part2: LAb[au]'s approach to systems art
From closed to open systems, the presentation of LAb[au]'s projects by the classification of systems into: analytic, generative, reactive, performative, interactive, connective
From systems to concepts, when methodical thinking leads to personal concepts
From concepts to aesthetics, the visual language of concrete art, of LAb[au]


Day 2: the art of code

Part1: introduction to 'the art of code'
From emergence to serendipity, introduction projects:
LAb[au]: Pixflow #1, PixFlow #2, ParticleSprings
John Maeda - creative code and Casey Reas - processing

Part2: the history of the: 'art of code'
From art as instruction to plotter.drawings and Dot.matrix music
From drawing, painting to writing machines
From the demo scene to the Gameboy and club/festival culture

Part3: the post digital area
From glitch to post-internet, aesthetics after vision
From the screen to the physical world, aesthetics of digital fabrication


Day 3:
Op, kinetic and cybernetic art, the aesthetics of perception, movement and control

Part1: op art, the aesthetics of perception
From Josef Albers to the G.R.A.V
From the second generation of op art to nowadays art of perception

kinetic art, the aesthetics of movement
From Marcel Duchamp to the kinetic art of the sixties
From the space-time modulator of Lazlo Moholy Nagy to nowadays art of movement

cybernetic art, the aesthetics of control
From Nicolas Schöffer to nowadays art of control

The cybernetic city, the interrelation between op-art, kinetic and cybernetic art and architectural, social and urban visions


Day 4:
Architecture in motion

Part 1: guiding motifs of architecture in motion
Introduction project by LAb[au]: leitmotif - parametric design
From mid-century screen walls to parametric facades

Part2: kinetic architectures
from kinetic facades to kinetic architecture and design

Part3: light as media
From Le poème éléctronique to mediatectures

Part4: projections spaces
from architectural mapping to the design of mapping objects


Day 5:
cimatics, the art of motion picture

Part 1: between dance, photography and film
introduction project by LAb[au]: man in e.space_extended dance performance by LAb[au]
From choreography and chronography to cinematography

Part 2: choreography
From Oskar Schlemmer 'man in space' to the Bauhaus stage and Gropius 'total' theatre
From Laban's notation system to writing movement in time

Part 3: chronography
From Etienne Jules Marey chronography to the art of frozen time and pure light

Part4: cinematography
From Oskar Fischinger sonic ornaments to the audio-visual culture of drawing motion and sounds
From experimental abstract cinema of the 20's to the art of immersion: psychic perception
From cinematic techniques to the digital realm

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