BIAN, second edition
International Digital Arts Biennal
Montreal, Canada

LAb[au] invited for the snd edition of BIAN to showcase its kinetic sound installation SignalToNoise

Musée d'art contemporain, Montreal

the full Biennal programm:

BIAN theme: PHYSICAL/ITÉ, the place of the body and the return of the material in relation to the digital.
PHYSICAL is an invitation to revisit our intimacy with machines and to reflect on the ways in which they are becoming extensions of our senses. In fact, we now need to redefine and relearn how we coexist with technology in order to see this not so much as an interaction but rather as an interrelation.
PHYSICALITÉ allows us to see and hear algorithms, to render material the immaterial and to visualize the invisible. This emphasis on the return of the physical, on materiality and objecthood is reflected more broadly in, for example, the internet of things and the rise of hacker, DIY and Maker / Fab Lab cultures.
Alain Thibault, Artistic Director

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