Wednesday, 23 February 2011 | 20:30
iMAL, Brussels

presentation SwarmDots / PixFlow #2, generative art console
presentation by: Jérôme Decock, LAb[au]

(in)visible hardware, custom-made electronics for artworks In this Dorkbot "geeky but arty", we will tackle, beyond the technical implementation, the question of articulating the artistic discourse around technology. We will present pieces where the "hardware" is visible, integral part of the artwork itself, but not its main theme. With projects by Jasper Rigole, Félix Luque and Jérôme Decock from the LAb[au] collective.

Jasper Rigole and Gert Aertsen will present OUTNUMBERED, a brief history of imposture (2009), an installation that makes use of a computer-controlled camera. Its wandering on an old photographic document generates an aleatoric narrative using an extensive database of people who, in some way, are associated with imposture.

Félix Luque will talk about his digital alphanumeric display (8 giant size 1.6m sixteen-segment alphanumeric digits). Builded for "The dialogue", the 8 elements are parts of his installation Nihil ex Nihilo (2010), a Science fiction story about botnets, spam and a rebellious computer.

Jérôme Decock (LAb[au]) will conclude the evening with SwarmDots (2009), a generative artwork

running on a 'generative art console' crafted by LAb[au] and presented as a scultpure.

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