Cimatics is a Brussels based international platform and festival for audiovisual art.

Cimatics was set up in 2003 for a first VJ festival. Soon after, this expanded into a festival for 'Live Audiovisual Art & VJing' and additionally the Cimatics platform with masterclasses, lectures, audiovisual productions and numerous other events. The next Cimatics festival will be held from 20 till 29 November 2009.

Cimatics aims at a rigorous approach to its own field of interest and therefor concentrates on the interchange between the wide variety of existing culture segments. In this way, the festival has always been intended to be an event with a meta-narrative, a node where grass-roots, underground and pop or art become mixed. In short, a contemporary happening with a capital 'H'.

Since the beginning, a great many artists of all sorts have formed part of this collage, this cultural mash-up. In addition, but crucial, is that the artists are challenged to leave their familiar position on a stage in a concert hall and enter the public or semi-public domain with, for example, interactive audio-visual installations and audio-visual concerts.

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Elektra, a high-calibre Montreal-based cultural initiative, presents artists and works of art that align the latest electronic music and visual creations derived from new technologies (animation, installation and robotics). Elektra unites creative media like music, video, cinema, design, gaming and audio or interactive installation with the latest digital technologies. Artists from all disciplines - composition, performance, dance, visual arts, etc. - all with a common interest in artistic applications of new technologies, uniting visual and sound. Elektra not only welcomes artists from all over the world, the festival also features local talents, helping make Montreal the North American meeting place for digital arts.

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