Claudia Miazzo

Claudia Miazzo is educated as an art historician and a dancer. Since 1980 she dances for classical dance productions, and since 1988 for contemporary dance productions as well. She has been dancing in the companies of Jan Fabre, Charleroi/Danses, Aterballetto, Christiane Blaise, Jean Gaudin, Philippe Jamet, Thomas Lebrun , among many more highly considered choreographers. She joined the dance company res publica for the production of 'Man in e.Space'.

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Marianne Decamps

Marianne Decamps followed a classical dance education at the CNR of Paris and a contemporary danse education at the Conservatoire National Superieure de musique et de Danse in Paris. Since than she dansed with a broad range of dance compagnies everywhere in Europe, among those of Christiane Blaise, Nathalie Collant├Ęs, Gigi Caciuleanu , Elio Gervasi and Michel Kelemenis. She joined the dance company res publica in 2003 for the performance 'Corpus Lux', which was held in the context of the inauguration of Nicolas Schoffer's sculpture 'Chronos 10' at the banks of Paris' Seine.

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