Netwerk Aalst

Netwerk / center for contemporary art aims to make the latest developments in the art world visible and accessible to the widest possible audience.

The center is developing a practise focusing on the visual arts, contextualized and placed in a national and international context. Netwerk is located in Aalst, a town with 80,000 residents, which is located within a cluster of large and medium-sized cities. The region benefits from a high concentration of thriving art scenes and a constant influx of artistic talent.

The center delivers a solid program of exhibitions, lectures, workshops, screenings, concerts and residencies. Collaborations with international curators and organizations provide a sustainable development of Netwerk's practice in Europe and beyond. Through this method of working Netwerk has become part of a web of artists and ideas.

The center has a spacious, renovated industrial building with a flexible infrastructure: an ideal environment for artists to experiment and perfect for visitors to experience and contemplate art.

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