blip05 festival
24.10 - 29.10.2005
Brighton, United Kingdom

exhibition - Transigence
a showcase of 6 artists exploring the emphemeral and unstable nature of online art
following an invitation by: Stanza

particle synthesis, audio-visual installation

exhibition including:
Stanza - amorphoscapes
Squidsoup - altzero
LAb[au] - particle synthesis
Julian Baker - algorhythms2
Arcangel - bakteria
Michael Takeo Magruder - motion study

about transigence:
This year's collection of soundtoys were selected under the theme of transigence - exploring the ephemeral and unstable nature of online media. The site offers an insight into the diverse and creative nature of the web that is available to today's creatives, an increasing number of which are exploring, researching and playing within the parameters of the medium. Designers, painters, filmmakers, installation artists, writers, photographers, printmakers and musicians, each bring to the online audio visual domain their own intent, skill set and history. Many threads are therefore interwoven to produce a rich and ever-evolving tapestry.

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