en 3 4 [jeu] x 4
, interactive dance performance
Bauhaus-Dessau, Dessau Germany
11.10. - 12.10.2003

in the context of:
URBAN LAB _ International Forum for Theatre, Performance and New Media
10.10.03 - 18.10.03

Concept: LAb[au], Wolf Ka
Stage director: Wolf Ka
Interface/Stage design: LAb[au]
Sound design: Nils Mechin

Interpreters: Maria Donata D'Urso, Bui Ngoc Quan, Fabrizio Pazzaglia and Frédéric Pertuiset
Costume: Judith Hüsch

With the financial support of:

about URBAN LAB:
...is a forum for experimental theatre, performance and new media, hosted by the 'Bauhaus Dessau Foundation' in cooperation with Dessau Municipality, 'Anhaltisches Theater Dessau' and 'Werkleitz Gesellschaft'.

Dealing with the subject of 'City-Stage / Media-Space', URBAN LAB wants to be a pilot-project for a biannual event, addressing theatre, performance and media artists as well as creators (architects,

planners, designers) to present and confront their works. Showing recent experiments and last achievements of theatre, dance, arts and sciences, more than 70 artists from Russia, Croatia, Poland, Latvia, France and Germany among many others, will present their work by performances, lectures, exhibitions, installations, films and videos.

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