indesem_conference - LAb[au]


conference by:
LAb[au], Manuel Abendroth

in the context of the international design seminar indesem

lectures presentations:
... 12:30 Manuel Abendroth, LAb[au]_b
... 18:45 Adriaan Geuze, West 8_nl
... 19:45 Francien Houben, Mecanoo_nl
... 20:45 Winy Maas, MVRDV_nl

abstract LAb[au] _ conference:

lecture about the general deSIGN approach of ' MetaDeSIGN ' investigating how IC technologies not only provide new design tools but also the emergence of new design concepts and methods extending the traditional field of architecture and town planning to new transdiscipliary field. Its about the definition of a design methodology _ MetaDeSign and this on a theoretic and a practical leve in the production and realisation of projectsl placed in the general question about the identity of space combining both physical body space with the electronic matrix. In order to visualize the proposal three projects by lab[au] will be presented: lightscapes_displacement maps, GameVillage and space navigable music and combining two different approaches: how IC technologies influence the perception and conception of space while being constantly replaced in the general context of design - methodology.

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