Light_Scape(s),displacement maps is an urban lightening study for the Heizel plateau in Brussels, investigating light as a structural urban vector (light_topography) but also as a temporal and interactive device (light_urbanism) by means of a tool specifically developed for light visualization and planning (displacement maps).The relationship of specific light parameters (intensity, color...) to the relative aspects of urban planning (topography, flux, infrastructure...) and to temporal aspects (programs, activities...) can therefor be determined by the various, evolving light configurations, light-scape(s).

These Light_scapes are data-driven configurations based on the programming of light in space and in time and constitute a new method of a pragmatic and operational position of the architect who refuses to fix the structure in a given state. Yet, besides the operational tool these data driven constructs can even become a dynamic architecture by themselves, an architecture of information according to material and immaterial processes in the construct of space. The architect thus becomes a designer of a generated and initiated architecture - a process, an architecture of inFORMation - a metadesign.

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