Beyond Media Festival - LAb[au]

iMage nr5
Festival internazionale di Architettura in Video
International Festival of Architecture in Video
Firenze [ I ] _ 30.11. - 16.12.2000

Lightscapes, displacement maps and their design method about 'datascapes'

Invited by: Marco Brizzi

iMage, 5th festival internazioale di architettura in video , "il futuro e la citta". 30novembre - 17 dicembre 2000

LAb[au], laboratory for architecture and urbanism, has been founded in 1995 with the objective to combine theoretical works and writings, LABORATORY, with the works of conception and production LA.Bau. According to this methodology Lab(au) elaborates an hyperdesign investigating the implications of new technologies of communication and computation in space-time structures and in their multiple forms of representation, such as architecture and urbanism. Throughout the work of architecture, urbanism, scenographies and media architecture LAb[au] conceive an architecture of information, based on computation and communication processes. Architecture is thus defined as code/language, an hypermedia.

DATASCAPE // Data_scapes are data-driven simulation displays based on dynamic interrelations of statistical, spatial, temporal...information


processes with graphical or spatial visualization devices. The programming of such simulations initiates and feeds the conception process with dynamic space-time parameters allowing not only a dynamic and statistical grasp of fluctuating systems, such as infrastructural, activities, communication...flows, but also to understand complex interaction processes, such as congestion, growth, global exchanges...The programming of time in space constitutes a new method of analysis and simulation of complex phenomena and establishes a pragmatic and operational position of the architect who refuses to fix a structure in one given state. These data-driven environments therefore provide the architect with a tool that anticipates the complex decisional and supervising process (conception, realization and communication) in order to extend the traditional methods of planification to new accelerated space-time parameters such as communication and computation flows. Yet, besides the operational tool, these data driven constructs can even become new space constructs by themselves - a dynamic architecture according to material and immaterial processes in the construct of space. The introduction of computational technologies transforms the role of the architect in the design process. The architect thus becomes a trigger, a catalyst and a designer of a generated and initiated architecture, an architecture of inFORMation - a hyperdesign. The 'light_scape(s), displacement maps' project is a lightplan study for the 'Heizel plateau' in Brussels (1999), covering such a research for operative tools in order to conceive light as a dynamic and polysemic vector in the urban matrix. The data-processed light plan creates changing 'light scapes' throughout the temporal programming of light in space according to structural (static) as well as programmatic (dynamic) and individual (interactive) devices. Light is mapped as a fluid and immaterial scape over the existing space opening up to a new experience of the public realm. LAb[au]

Credits: Animation - DATASCAPES : LAb[au]
Project: LAb[au], Manuel Abendroth, Jérôme Decock and Naziha Mestaoui
+ Smedt - Jans + Kim Pecheur

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