generative light installation

competition in the context of Marseille cultural city 2013
for Maison Diamantée
Marseille, France

organised by:
seconde nature

other invitees:
fabric.ch , antivj , exyt

about the project m0t1f
motif 0-1

The project has been imagined for ' la maison diamantée' in the context of: 'Marseille cultural capital 2013'. The renovation of one of the oldest buildings of the city should transform the former museum into the headquarter of the cultural organization: Marseille 2013. Therefore an artistic intervention on one of the building facades should mark the new buildings occupation as it should communicate the upcoming cultural event.

The project title indicates the two main concepts of the artistic proposal: first a work based on a geometric pattern, the motif, derived from the building iconic stone shapes and second an illumination by the means of programmed light, giving an artistic expression to the inherent binary logic, 0/1, of a computer controlled systems. The project proposed an intervention of a three-dimensional

'wireframed' structure of thin LED rails blowing up the iconic motif of the building on its side façade, facing the harbour and located in the perspective of a narrow street. As such the side façade would connect to the main urban flow giving the side façade an important visibility. The profiles of the structure, having a blue anodized and a polished (mirror) steel side would give chromatic, visual and spatial effects during day while during the night these optical effects would result from the light play.

The three-dimensional structure has an 8x8 grind at the basis and a 7x7 on the pyramid top (vertex). Each corner of the two grids are related by diagonals giving a positive (0) as negative (1) drawing of the squared pyramids whereas each intersection is like a node in a network. On this basis the generative illumination program has been conceived.

The following illumination patterns have been proposed: first the one of geometric patterns and shapes working on the idea of 'optical' shapes, second the one of a generative process following the logic of 'branching'. Each node is the intersection of three elements and as such can be seen as a point of decision in the path of an evolving light line. Like in a tree-structure endless combinations and variations would result of the light lines running through the structure. Third for the opening concert of the installation specific patterns have been imaged as real-time sound visualisations.

As such the project m0t1f takes its inspiration from the building facade and juxtaposes a contemporary interpretation of its diamond pattern and light play between light and shadow, reflection and absorption, illumination and darkness.

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