BUZZ-BEAST is a digital magazine geared to the trend setting Gen Y audience. This virtual publication is updated daily with fantastic new items and ideas combined with conciseness. Today, is a daily source of inspiration for readers from over 172 counties ranging from artists and advertising executives, to a wide variety of people from around the globe who are always steps ahead of the masses, as they look to as their one and only guide to everything new and cool.

We understand that magazines are a luxury that readers can lose themselves in. With the emergence of an entire generation born digitally, we saw a need to create a platform that allowed people instant access to content through their electronic devices. Our goal for was to create a digital magazine that our readers could retrieve anytime of day, anywhere in the world. We wanted to produce an immersive reading experience built for your computer, notebook, tablet, or mobile phone that you would want to curl up with.

We were not satisfied with just providing our readers with a typical styled layout. Our unique front page platform design, allows our readers to lean back, away from the browser, and just focus on the bold images and rich storytelling embedded into our content.

'It's a shame to only have dreams at night. You should have a few opportunities during the day." - Stephen Alesch

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