Superflux 2007

Roger Tator Gallery
Lyon, France

featuring: framework f5x5x1

"Superflux" is a project from the Roger Tator gallery that was founded by Eric Deboos and Laurent Lucas. Since 1999 "Superflux" has presented artistic works in the urban environment, using light as a means of expression and attracting more and more spectators and general public. Every year, during three nights in December, parallel to the Lyon "festivity of light" (Fête des Lumières), many artists exhibit their work in the field of design, architecture, video, print and photography.

Near Roger Tator gallery, on about 30 locations (artists' studios, shop windows, restaurants, pharmacies, tourist agencies...) the works are exhibited in now already traditional wooden boxes (light box) and give to the whole neighbourhood of 7th city district an exciting new look by sketching a kind of artistic therritory".Since 2006, "Superflux" is a manifestation that is renowned by the state and internationally and as such cooperates with a lot of other similar festivals, like "Beneflux" (Belgium), "Hansaflux" (Estonia), "Glow" (Netherlands), "He-Ly-Flux" (Finland), "Svetlobna gverila" (Slovenia) and from this year Belgrade of Light (Serbia). As a result of networking between these multiple "FLUXes" the project EFLUX is emerging as a large scale European project.

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