hyperbody research group

Hyperbody is a research group at the Faculty of Architecture at the Delft University of Technology directed by prof. ir. Kas Oosterhuis. The goals set for the group?s research are to explore techniques and methods for designing and building of non-standard, virtual and interactive architectures. Cutting edge techniques and methods are taught and applied by researchers and students.

Designed and prototyped programmable buildings illustrate the paradigm shift from animation towards real-time behaviour. Hyperbody introduces interactivity not only in the process of collaborative design, but also during the use and maintenance of buildings. Hyperbody looks at all stages of the lifecycle of buildings and at the economical and ecological consequences, focusing on the development of new ideas and practical applications for interactive architecture. This leads to emergence of pro-active building bodies which act in a changing environment.

Apart from various prototypical installations and many case study projects, Hyperbody develops the Protospace, a vehicle for transdisciplinary research, education and design in form of a virtually augmented transaction space. Protospace has been installed at the Delft University of Technology, in the ground-breaking iWeb pavilion. In this research laboratory for collaborative design & engineering in real-time we explore the possibilities of multidisciplinary architectural and urban design in an ICT-driven environment, including new interaction modalities for intuitive control of the entire system.

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