Fredy Massad

Alicia and Fredy Massad

As guest-editors for this monograph, our intention is to propose that the application of digital technologies to the practice of architecture and the various areas of design should be regarded as a revolution, currently in an early stage, that will, gradually, lead to the incorporation of new formal structures; new materials; new relationships with our urban and domestic environments; new ideologies; a re-evaluation of our abilities for perception, reflection...In short: it should lead to a (non-traumatic) gradual modification of the procedures and ways of representation, of the mental awareness of reality ...that is already becoming evident is several aspects of contemporary culture.

Fredy Massad graduated as Architect at the Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design of Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1993. Alicia Guerrero Yeste obtained a degree in History of Art at Universitat de Lleida in 1997.In 1996, she started working in partnership with the architect Fredy Massad, setting up the office 'btbW' .

They are correspondents in Europe for the Argentinean architectural magazine summa since that year. Their articles and interviews have been published in magazines in Europe (Il Progetto, Experimenta, Pasajes de Crítica y Arquitectura, Ajoblanco, Transversal, iAZ, WAM, DAU, INDE), South-America (summa , Arquitextos) and USA (Arcade).

Between 2000 and 2002, Alicia Guerrero Yeste and Fredy Massad curated "a a Architecturanimation" for the Association of Architects of Catalonia (Barcelona), a forum reflecting on the connections between animation film/techniques and architecture. ¿btbW have been invited to lecture at Escola Politècnica de Catalunya del Vallés (Barcelona, Spain), Universitat de Lleida (Spain), Universidad de Palermo (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina), Universidad de Belgrano (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina, Faculty of Architecture of the University of Milwaukee (USA) and the Art School of the Chicago Art Institute (USA).
They are authors of the book Notas sobre ciudades (mutantes) (Ajuntament de Lleida, 1998) and architecture animation (ACTAR-COAC, 2002).

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