framework notations

Framework notations
ed.1 1
inktjet on D-bond, basic programming
size: 140 x 140 cm

The framework notations are a series of computer calculated illustrations, prints. They plot the motion of a single frame from the likely named kinetic light-sculpture: framework f5x5x5. Each position is a step, an iteration, in the calculation of a program, algorithm. These step by step results are temporally ordered from left to right and from up to down along a 75x 75 matrix. Each print is thus the result of a special developed program and delivers its inherent process a proper visual representation. These motifs, as much as the development of the programs, are new forms of composing giving the processual design in digital media its own expression. They belong to generative Art.

In direct comparison to the installation the notations give, like a frozen image, the dynamic process its own reading.

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