10 e-15, optical light artwork

permanent artwork by LAb[au]
Besancon, France

Meter, Deci-..., Centi-..., Milli-..., Micro-..., Nano-..., Pico-..., Femto-Meter

10 e-15 is a permanent artwork by LAb[au] conceived for the French research center Femto at Besancon. Femto is a prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of 10?15. This is a smaller scale in comparison to nanotechnology, and its applications range from manipulation of atomic energy to the manipulation of photons; light and optics. LAb[au]`s installation transcribes this exponential scale into 15 linear Fresnel lenses, each having its own focal point. They form a 15 meter long continuous frieze of progressive magnification acting on the perception of the viewer. Here the 'abstract' scale of Femto is rendered into a 'concrete' play of light and vision by breaking light into its colourful spectrum, chromatic aberration, and bending light to magnify its surroundings.

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