The chrono.tower project chrono.tower has been conceived in 2007 and is part of the 'who's_afraid_of_RGB' project edition targeting a permanent enlightening for the Brussels Dexia Tower.

Further it is the project initiating the 'chrono.cycle' researching the parametric setting in between the basic units of time and the primary colours of light where hours=red, minutes=green and seconds=blue. rgb to time

The surface, in this case the facades of the building, are divided in sections of hours, minutes and seconds. Before midnight, hours and minutes have an upwards progression, while seconds have a downwards progression. chrono.tower pm

Every second the blue surface is growing downwards, while every minute the green surface is growing upwards and, similarly, every hour that passes has the red surface grow upwards. This process is reversed after midnight and thus instead of adding colour, colours are subtracted. chrono.tower am

From sunset to sunrise, actual time is displayed on the tower through logic of additive blended colour-surfaces, constructing upwards towards midnight when reaching the ultimate combination of coloured light; white. chrono.tower - midnight

A white pulse at midnight celebrates the new day, from which point light progressively 'returns' to the sky. chrono.tower morning

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